Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sneak peek for my freaks...

'Forbidden Fruit 2: Monster Gangbang' is just about wrapped up!  The final editing and uploading process has already begun, meaning that my next steamy (and anticipated) title will be available soon.  In the mean time, I thought that I might entice you with a brief, albeit sexy sample.  Enjoy and, as always, stay sexy!

     Ava lowered her head and closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable.
     When the sharp tip of a whip snapped across her bare back, she cried out and straightened her spine.  The crack of leather and skin meeting only made the crowd’s encouraging grunts get louder.  It almost sounded like they were cheering.
     Another painful snap of the whip lashed across Ava’s back, lower that time.  The stinging sensation rippled out through her body and forced her up against the cold stone.  Her thighs shook wildly back and forth, slapping together loudly.
     Again the whip beat down onto her, even closer to her rounded, bare ass.  It inched ever South with each repetition, though to Ava it felt like a glacial pace.  Her entire back screamed in pain; it felt like fire sweeping down over her skin.
     She whipped her head side to side furiously.  It was just enough to shimmy the gag out of her mouth.
     “Please,” she whimpered, “please no more!”
     The beast man in control of the weapon slapped it down onto the precipice of her left ass cheek.  It was his hardest blow yet and sent echoes of pain coursing through Ava’s body.  She could feel it in her bones.  It spread out through her lower body and even made it to her bare mound, where it vibrated her clit.  As surprising as it was, the beaten beauty felt slightly aroused by the sensation.  Her nipples pushed out against the cool stone face that she was pressed up against.
     When the whip came down onto her other check with the same degree of accuracy, it caused her swelling nub to engorge even more.  The fire, it seemed, had moved to somewhere else entirely.
     Ava finally opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder to the beast man with the whip.  He gripped it tightly and held it to his side.  It was very close to the massive, stone-hard erection that pointed outward from his muscled core.  The sight sent a flood of desire over Ava.  She knew then that they did not intend to kill her.
     They intended to fuck her.