Sunday, February 24, 2013

Looking for some gay in your day?

Well look no further!  My latest release also happens to be my debut into the wild and steamy world of gay erotica.  One thing that I can promise is that whether you are a man, woman or anything in between, 'Bones' will have you coming back for more.

"Jacob, a modern-day adventurer in his own right, has spent years searching the Egyptian deserts for the elusive burial place of the long-forgotten King Javius.  While busy excavating a promising site, a freak sand-storm rolls in and forces him and his crew to halt their work for the day.  But when the storm ends up being more than he bargained for, Jacob finds himself in a dark, unexplored cavern where a horny, eager crew of monsters await.  Once he is in their sights, will he be able to escape, or will their super-human prowess force him to submit to the kinky skeleton army and their monster king?

This 4,000 word short contains explicit content, including: bondage, whipping, multiple partners, a reluctant first time anal gangbang and a steamy encounter with a ferocious mummy king."

Pick up this kinky thriller now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords or All Romance.